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We advise on a broad range of services to fully meet the needs of our family office and high net worth clients.

Planning for Life Changing Outcomes

Investment Advisory & Performance Reporting 

The platform is customized to fit your needs we work with institutional models, institutional research and make sure that you have a diversified portfolio.   Asset allocation and customized portfolio construction, a true open-architecture integrated wealth planning, tax-efficient portfolios, alternative investments, and consolidating performance reporting. Customization just for you, able to determine when to take action and established triggers.

Outcome-Based Planning by integration, risk management, working with your vision, prioritize and then set goals.

Our intellectual capital, credential, experience, and studies from Vanguard and Morning star explaining why you need an advisor to help you make good decisions and not make mistakes.

Family Governance

There are three components to family governance:

  • Periodic (typically annual) assemblies of the family; all families in business can benefit from this activity.
  • Family council meetings for those families that benefit from a representative group of their members doing planning, creating policies, and strengthening business-family communication and bond.
  • A family constitution—the family's policies and guiding vision and values that regulate members' relationship with the business. This written document can be short or long, detailed or simple, but every family in business benefits from this kind of statement.

The rare family in business may have a more elaborate family governance structure, with a separate meeting for family-owner-managers or a separate council for family shareholders or periodic meetings between shareholders, the board, and management. I prefer the simplest structure that does the job and the three components above are all most families in business need.

Properly composed and managed, a family assembly and family council help:

  • Develop clarity on roles, rights, and responsibilities for family members.
  • Encourage family members, family employees, and family owners to act responsibly toward the business and the family.
  • Regulate appropriate family and owner inclusion in business discussions.

The family assembly typically meets annually, lasts one to two days, and includes all adult family members (yes, including in-laws). Families need to decide at what age children should attend these meetings. One family says that children should attend when they are able to feed themselves; most families start bringing the younger generation into meetings at around age 16. For the young children, families should still consider organizing some group activities where the children can begin to learn about the business and develop relationships with their siblings and cousins.


Private Accounting & Tax Services

Private accounting is provided through our outsourcing partners. Connect to the Tax Planning page.


Private Finance and Banking Resources

This is provided through our partners TD Ameritrade.


Concierge Lifestyle Enhancements

With our different partners, we can help you make great Lifestyle Enhancements and fun.


Fiduciary & Trust

Through our partners TD Ameritrade we provide the services to take care of all your Fiduciary & Trust needs.


Philanthropic Planning




  1. the desire to promote the welfare of others expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.


benevolence, generosity, humanitarianism, public-spiritedness, altruism, social conscience, charity, charitableness, brotherly love, fellow feeling, magnanimity, munificence, liberality, largesse, openhandedness, bountifulness, beneficence, unselfishness, humanity, kindness, kindheartedness, compassion; 


"a family noted for its philanthropy"


One of the concerns is to make sure we give to the right organizations and that they will meet our passions.

How We Work

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of my foundation of success.