Charting Your Course: It's More Than Looking at Job Post

Charting Your Course: It's More Than Looking at Job Post

December 11, 2023

Considering a career change can be a difficult task and some may be tempted to choose a career because they have the potential to earn a large salary. While your salary is an important consideration it should not be your only deciding factor. 

Here are some key first steps in making your decision. 

First, create a list of the careers you are considering. Having a list will help you visualize your options. When brainstorming ideas consider this: Is there a particular industry I like to work in? Sometimes we are not sure which specific job we like to do, but we might have an idea of where or with who? From those generate ideas to narrow down a couple of positions that catch your eye. 

Many careers require certain qualifications such as a degree or license. From your list of careers, find if they would require additional education or training. Take a look at this closely and determine if you can cross some options off the list based on your interest, accessibility, cost or time.   

Look at where people are getting hired for these positions. Is this a career you can perform locally or would you have to commute? The distance between your home and your workplace can affect your current lifestyle needs and obligations. If you would have to commute for this career, don’t write it off right away. Ask yourself if you would be able to move closer in the future or if it’s worth the travel stress and cost. 

Find the salary range for these options. Take an extra step and look at a few job listings in the area you are currently looking to work in. Remember wages vary widely and knowing your potential starting salary is important in planning for that future. 

Look for internships or volunteer opportunities where you can do similar tasks or talk to people working in that career. They might also answer questions you have about your career choice. This will help you evaluate if this is still a career you would be interested in pursuing.


Making a career transition can be a huge decision and for some, it may be hard to decide what career path they would like to take. Take your time and consider all aspects of the career that you are considering, not just the salary. Otherwise, you may end up in a career that you are not passionate about. 


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