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We are a Financial Advisory Firm Focused on Helping Women In Transition

• Are you a woman going through change?
• Overwhelmed with the challenges you are facing?
• Need help putting together a plan for your financial future?

Women face many challenges throughout their lives. They wear many hats throughout their careers and often must overcome challenges they never thought they would run into walking the road of life.

Meyers Financial Services, Inc. is a financial advisory firm helping women face those challenges and overcome them while taking into account your life’s milestones. We work with women throughout California and the United States, either in person in our office in Sonoma, California, or via Zoom for clients in other states.

Women and Success

As a woman, how do you define success? Is it through your career, through your marriage, through your children? Or is it rebuilding your life after losing a spouse or going through divorce?

Women and Changing of Careers

Women and Changing of Careers

The Pandemic has caused many women to fall out of the workforce in the millions since March of 2020 when we closed down. Women who have stayed in the workforce paid a huge cost for their wellbeing, juggling care-taking for children and aging parents while holding down the fort and keeping family together.
This is a good time to rethink and realign who you are and who you want to become in the future after the Pandemic.

Are you finding yourself asking?

• Have you been in the same role or industry too long and want a next chapter?
• What are my strength?
• Is it too late?
• What do I have to offer?

Do your research to get new career ideas.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics employment projections program ;  Employment and wage data; employee reviews and salary comparisons 
At Meyers Financial Services, we will help you define and explore your opportunities. We have personal experience to help you make the changes.

Making a Career Change for Women at 50 Years of Age

Making a Career Change for Women at 50 Years of Age

As we finally crest the hill of younger days into later adult life, we are faced with unique changes. Many of our friends are entering their retirement years, filling their days with grandchildren, and finishing out careers that have...

Women and Caregiving

Women provide the majority of informal care for their family and friends. Largely because of caregiving responsibilities, women are more likely than men to work part-time, spend more years out of the labor force, and in general have shorter careers. Informal caregiving can significantly affect their retirement income. Meyers Financial Services, Inc can help you. We know because Lillian Meyers, our founder, experienced caregiving and took care of her parents.

-U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, News Release September 2017

Women and Widowhood 

Statistics indicate that 75% of married women become widows. Women live longer than men by about seven years and women tend to marry older men. Believe it or not, the statistic is that the average age that a woman becomes a widow is 57. Losing a spouse creates emotional turmoil for the spouse that remains. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2019, there were almost 15 million widows and widowers in the country. About 77% of these individuals, or 11.4 million, were women. (Some widowed people later remarry, so the total number of individuals experiencing widowhood is actually larger — after remarriage, they are no longer classified as widowed.)

Invest in You:
Making matters more complicated, the death of a spouse unleashes a deluge of financial tasks. Many widows aren’t as familiar with investing, insurance policies, taxes, or estate planning because, in many cases, their husband handled these financial matters.
Sadly, even when the widow managed the family money matters, she’s likely to be engulfed in grief and despair at first. This can result in financial matters being placed on the back burner.

6 things to consider as a widowed woman:
1. Don’t rush into major irrevocable money decisions right away. 
2. Watch out for financial wolves who will prey on widows.
3. Make housing decisions carefully. 
4. Get an objective review of your finances.
5. Don’t be a purse for others.
6. One last item

Make sure the social media is turned off and you close their accounts as soon as possible.
Your advisor should be experienced in working with widows and have an accepted professional designation. The most acknowledged credential is the certified financial planner, or CFP®,, status. Lillian Meyers is a CFP®,. She is an advisor who puts your interest first as she provides unbiased and holistic advice and is a fee-compensated advisor.

Women and Divorce 

Women and Divorce 

For women post divorce, we are a full scope financial management firm offering advisory services. We have found that many affluent women are at a disadvantage when a divorce occurs. Our advisory team understands you and your needs during this difficult time. We are on your side!

Services Provided Post-Divorce

• Identify and access financial assets and liabilities.
• Analyze and review insurance policies.
• Review and evaluate employee benefits.
• Analyze social security, retirement, and pension benefits.
• Create detailed cash flow and budget to help manage lifestyle expectations and consider college funding and expectations if needed.
• Review mortgage and debt structure.
• Helping you for the next phase of your life.

No one strategy fits everyone, which is why every client receives our undivided attention—from planning to execution to follow-up. We take a proactive approach to help you develop a strategy to address your financial goals and objectives, using the most efficient methods available. Recognizing that everyone encounters challenges along the way, we strive to anticipate and address those situations.



As a several-decade veteran of financial planning and wealth management for women, I can tell you that divorce is devastating for the female population. Thank goodness this has never happened to me, but I do hold the CDFA®...

Women and Inheritance

In 2020 women, were in charge of more than half of the personal wealth in the United States.
Women control 51% of the personal wealth in the U.S., an estimated $22 trillion worth, citing research by New York Life Investment Management. 
That number is expected to jump by 30% to nearly $29 trillion over the next 40 years as intergenerational wealth is handed over, New York Life said. Ninety-six percent of women have a primary or shared responsibility for family financial decisions.
At Meyers Financial Services, Inc. we will:

• Supervise asset transfer.
• Create a personalized financial plan based on your risk tolerance and planning needs.
• Assist in implementing your new budget.
• Update cash flow and spending plan -Invest your assets in a customized, cutting-edge investment strategy to meet your long-term needs.
• Serve you with integrity, honesty, and compassion by our dedicated service team.

Women and Education

Educating girls saves lives and builds stronger families, communities, and economies. An educated female population increases a country's productivity and fuels economic growth. Some countries lose more than $1 billion a year by failing to educate girls to the same level as boys.

Education and training give Women and Girls Economic empowerment.

At Meyers Financial Services we can help you make decisions on your education and future. Lillian Meyers is passionate about empowering women and girls economically by helping provide education through many organizations such as Soroptimists International https://www.soroptimist.org/

Women and Debt 

What gender has the most debt?
Though more than 75 percent of all Americans have at least one credit card, and the average person has 3.7 with about $5,600 in outstanding balances. Women are more likely than men to accumulate larger debts as a consequence of divorce or family challenges, according to new data from FINRA.

Meyers Financial Services Inc. can help through our Financial Coaching system. Ariel Andrews, Investment Advisor Representative, is certified as a Financial Coach and she well help and guide you on the right track.

Women and Retirement 

Women and Retirement 

Women And Retirement Savings Planning and saving for retirement may seem like goals that are far in the future. Yet saving, especially for retirement, should start early and continue throughout your lifetime.

Here are four reasons why saving matters to women – and especially to you!

Do You Know?

Women are more likely to work in part-time jobs that don’t qualify for a retirement plan. And working women are more likely than men to interrupt their careers to take care of family members. Therefore, they work fewer years and contribute less toward their retirement, resulting in lower lifetime savings.

If you work and if you qualify, join a retirement plan now. Approximately 46 percent of working women participated in a retirement plan. Remember, even small amounts can earn interest and add up over time.

On average, a female retiring at age 65 can expect to live another 21 years, nearly 3 years longer than a man the same age. Savings can increase a woman’s chances of having enough money to last during her retirement.

By and large, women invest more conservatively than men. Choose carefully where you put your money and learn how to improve your investment returns.

What issues will you consider when retirement takes place?

What issues will you consider when retirement takes place?

Looking at expenses As you go through this process it is work but it can be exciting and so much fun. Working with a CFP Professional to attain an opinion of your portfolio can be helpful full of new information and food for thought....

Start Here... Start Now

Here are 9 questions to help you think about retirement and take charge of your financial future:

• Do you work for an employer that offers a retirement plan?
• Have you worked at the job long enough to earn retirement benefits?
• Do you keep copies of the documents that define the provisions of your retirement plan?
• What happens to your retirement benefits if you change jobs?
• Do you know how you can save for retirement?
• If you are self-employed or an LLC/Corp/S Corp, do you know the different retirement plans you may have?
• Have you checked your Social Security/Medicare benefits?
• What are you going to do if you are disabled?
• What is your family going to do if you die?

Women in Business

Women are capable of building a successful business; however, you may need help and support. Try not to do it alone. We can help you get through the structure’s entity choices plus Tax law, and licenses you may need for your business. We can help you to learn how to run a successful business. 
Whether you are running a multi-million-dollar business or just starting out in business, the resources and support you will receive by working with Meyers

Financial Services, Inc. is invaluable to build a successful business. 
There are different kinds of business and social clubs you can belong one is your local Chamber of Commerce, Soroptimist International, Women in Business Networking club, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, plus many more that can help you move towards your business goals.

Meyers Financial Services Inc. is a Financial Advisory firm working with women in transition. We are here to help you succeed. Please make an appointment.

Client Centered Empathetic Help for Women

Client Centered Empathetic Help for Women

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