How Your Life Style Today Affects Your Future

How Your Life Style Today Affects Your Future

March 14, 2018

Your lifestyle today will determine your retirement style tomorrow.

Your current spending habits are crucial to your long-term success and to whether or not you reach your goals.   

Is the life (style) you are living right now aligned with what you envision for your future? Are you on track to reach your dreams? Any dreams? You may be spending more than you have, and as a result, instead of saving for your dreams, you are inadvertently ransoming your future.   

One of the first things to examine is your career.   Aside from the very large issue of whether or not you love your work, and aside from the very large issue of following your dreams, there are practical considerations when evaluating a job.

Working conditions

An indifferent job can be made more interesting by the benefits your company provides.  Are you happy with your co-workers? When you take a look at your job, consider the teams you work with and your daily interactions— it’s not trivial. They can provide a sense of belonging, create a feeling of home, and encourage self-esteem.


Are you paid what you’re worth? Have you checked online to make sure your compensation is compatible with the skills you have? Make sure your pay is in line with your work. This is true for both independent contractors as well as employees. Do not undervalue yourself and your skills.  Make sure your salary is what it should be by visiting the U.S. Labor Statistic at If you have decided to start your own business, check local prices and what can the economy handle.

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