Making a Career Change for Women at 50 Years of Age

Making a Career Change for Women at 50 Years of Age

November 17, 2021

As we finally crest the hill of younger days into later adult life, we are faced with unique changes. Many of our friends are entering their retirement years, filling their days with grandchildren, and finishing out careers that have probably spanned longer than a decade.


While that can look incredible for some, age is just a number, and many among us wish to adventure into a new career or field of study to explore new challenges, income streams, and exciting changes. With more than half of Americans unhappy with their current career, it only makes sense to dip your toes into the candidate pool water and see what else is out there for you to enjoy.


In this blog post, we will look at women making a career change after the age of 50 and how this decision may change your life.


Why Making the Change Matters for women?


When you make the transition to "50 years old decade,” your priorities shift. You are not the young assistant looking to rise through the ranks at a high-stress job. Instead, you want something that pays the bills and provides more enrichment because you are at a point in your life when the precious commodity is time.


I’m not talking about changing jobs. If you were a florist for 20 years and suddenly moved to a different floral company, you’re still in the same career. I mean a shift to something brand new. Maybe you want to explore being a zookeeper, schoolteacher, scientist, or simply spend your days as a writer traveling around the world meeting interesting people and sipping remarkable wines. Whatever the pursuit, your age is going to play a role. 

Ask the Important Questions 

Know thyself ladies! You are making a significant change for a reason, and sometimes getting to the root of that question will inform your new direction a lot more than the promise of a high salary and decent benefits. 

Some decent questions to ask would be:

 Am I trying to lower my stress level in this new career?

  • Do I have the motivation to see this through?
  • Do I have the financial capacity to shift careers?
  • Am I okay working for someone younger than me?
  • Will I be passionate about this role?
  • Is this the change of pace I’ve been looking for?
  • Does this change get me excited?

 An active woman of 50 still has many working years in her future. Being 50 doesn’t mean we’re all shriveled up and have no place to go. We have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and practical expertise to offer practically any industry. 

How Women Can Get Started 

Take the first step right now. If you are really interested in changing careers after age 50, you may need to commit to taking action. How many times have we seen people frozen in their lives, jobs, and pursuits because of fear? As women, we don’t have time for the fear monster. So, if this is what you want, go get it! 

The world has changed around us. 50 years ago, the idea of a woman being in charge of anything other than a school or nursing department was still somewhat taboo. We’ve come into our own, and the world is our canvas for us to paint whatever picture we wish. We have survived many trials, and letting anything hold us back from pursuing a new endeavor should be thrown out with yesterday’s trash. 

Transitioning to a New Career 

Need some helpful guidance? Meyers Financial Services is here to provide planning and valuable information so you can make the leap to whatever new career you choose. We are a client-centered business empathetic to the needs and unique stories of all our female clients. Give us a call today to speak with our financial advisors and learn how you can bridge the gap with support as you explore a new exciting pursuit. 


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