Uncover the Hidden Money Wasters

Uncover the Hidden Money Wasters

June 06, 2023

Reaching your financial goals requires that you take a close look at how you spend your money, and one way to get closer to your financial goals is to reduce wasteful spending. Lets discuss a few items that you may be able to cut back on. 

Impulse Buys

Impulse buying is often driven by emotional impulses and can be hard to control. It can lead to unnecessary expenses, like clothing, shoes, snacks, and magazines. Even impulsive travel can be a significant expense. Travel is expensive, make sure you are considering all the costs, and try to plan these activities as much as possible. If you are trying to cut back at the store, try to write down what you need, specialty for groceries, or when you go to retail stores.

Unnecessary upgrades 

Upgrading to the latest smartphone every year is just one example of an unnecessary upgrade that can be a significant money waste. It's essential to recognize that constantly upgrading to the latest technology, whether it's smartphones, computers, or other electronics, can lead to a cycle of constant spending that quickly becomes a financial burden. By assessing whether the added cost of the latest features or high-end products is worth it, we can make more financially responsible decisions and avoid wasting money on upgrades that don't provide much value.

Dining out

Like many of you, I am a huge fan of the convenience of picking up takeout after a long day of work, as well as treating myself and my family to a nice meal out. The issue arises when you are trying to cut back on expenses. Eating out is expensive, and it will likely be more cost-effective to make food at home than to eat out multiple times per week. Try challenging yourself to a week or two of cutting back on dining out and see how much money you save. This may motivate you to dine out less.


It can be a difficult task to cut back on expenses, especially when you are cutting back on items that you enjoy. Ask yourself this, could this money be better spent going towards something else? 

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