Retirement or Retired? Who needs to be involved in the process?

Retirement or Retired? Who needs to be involved in the process?

March 21, 2019


When thinking about retiring, who are the key people involved? Is it only me? Or should others’ be consulted?

  • Who is involved?

The answer is: The whole family 

Is this the conversation you are having with yourself?

I am thinking that I want to retire I wonder is it just me or should I include my family. Will this affect their lifestyle and their own decision to retire with me? 

The discussion with myself, how I am feeling and some of my reasons for thinking this way. Time is passing by fast and I have worked long enough, tired of being laid off and looking for a new position at my age. Would like to do the things I dream of doing. Travel, sleep in, do what I want when I want. 

My dream life in retirement

Freedom to make my own decisions, activate a hobby like write a book; I have heard that everyone has at least one book they can write. Learn about cooking - not just cooking, fine cooking, gourmet cooking, pastries, and cake decorating.  How about art develop my artistic side, draw, paint or sculpt. And I was just thinking how about doing things like bicycling across the nation, marathons, parachuting, mountain climbing all over the world. Wow, that would be so fantastic to focus on my dreams. 

Stop! I need to talk to the other family members that this decision will affect!

The views of my spouse are important because if they continue to work due to the fact that we need the extra income, is that going to affect our lives.  While I play, if he/she is working, is that fun for them? Do they have passion and love for what they are doing at their job or business?

Consider all the issues

I wonder what’s going to happen to my animals, dogs, and cats? Do I plan to keep them with me as I travel and are they going to like travel as much as I like it? I am retired with time on my hands.  What a thought.

My retirement journey

So many questions I need to consider before I make this decision, one of the most important in my life and the next step to a different and new process to enjoy.  Life is a process we started as babies as our parents helped us and developed our values, as we grew we started to make our own decisions and choices. Sometimes life made choices for us - some good, some not so good. The process is our learning journey and as we move into our careers and jobs we make other decisions.  The journey to move forward, learn and make mistakes, learn again with each step, this is the process of how we make decisions and life changes.

As a scout I know about “Be prepared” and as an adult, I have heard similar messages from viewing TV commercials, Social Media and other information that all communications that we should have a plan.  My next step get a plan?


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