The best paying part-time jobs for college students - 30 Best Jobs, while going to College!

The best paying part-time jobs for college students - 30 Best Jobs, while going to College!

July 24, 2021

Who wants to graduate from college with a huge amount of debt?  Who wants to be stuck with a 10-20 year loan repayment schedule that could affect your ability to buy a house or a car? Why have debt if it can be avoided? Through coaching clients about their finances, we often assist with Education Planning topics to avoid debt after college graduation. Then with Financial Planning and Retirement Planning, we help clients set a path for a strong financial future.


Yes, you can work and go to college! Many people have done so.  Or you can continue with the job you already have and go to college. It’s about time management, self-balance, wanting to get a degree, and willing to be flexible. Check with your employer as they may offer an education reimbursement plan.

Eight out of ten students work while going to college according to ‘Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce analysis of data from the National Center on Education. Nearly half (45%) work at least 30 hours a week, and 25% work full-time while going to school full-time”You can do this to.

Here are the 30 Best jobs while going to college if you do not currently have a job. Check the list and see what you want to do just remember this job is only until you have completed your college degree.

  1. Nanny Job, in country
  2. Call center Representative
  3. Virtual assistant
  4. On demand staffing Jobs
  5. Warehouse associates
  6. Dog walker/pet sitter
  7. Food service worker/ bartending
  8. Home health aid
  9. Sales
  10. Retail sales
  11. Tutor
  12. Administrative Assistant
  13. Receptionist
  14. Hotel front desk Receptionist
  15. Lifeguard
  16. Social Media assistant
  17. Ride share driver/Valet parking
  18. Cleaner home or offices
  19. Bank Teller
  20. Brand Ambassador
  21. House painter
  22. Tour guide
  23. Resident Advisor/ School residences
  24. Interpreters/ translators
  25. Fitness instructor
  26. Online data entry
  27. Construction laborer
  28. Colleges also offer jobs apply
  29. Cashier
  30. Bookkeeping

You can research each job and find out if this is a good fit also how much they pay in your area and whether it will work with your time.  You can go to college any time as it is not limited to any age or gender.


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