What happens to set in motion the planning for retirement?

What happens to set in motion the planning for retirement?

March 30, 2019

Making the decision to retire is sometimes a planned event and other times, it just happens to us without planning. This post is about setting in motion planning for retirement and the questions we may have when that happens.

Is this what happened to you?

“I am still thinking it through, and trying to understand what happened to set the motion for retirement. I am worried about taking the risk and what I need to do about the process.

I know had a birthday and turned 67. I want to be able to do the things that I want to do and be the person I want to be. I want to meet and be with the people I most closely enjoy being with. I want to make a difference in my life and the lives of others.  Of course, I want to have an adventure before it’s too late - this is also my dream and wish.

 We had a family meeting and many questions came up in addition to shocked reactions, feelings of I am not sure about this retirement thing.  It’s scary. Should I do it?

 Another scenario:

 “What about the bills? What about my retirement? I am now 64 and not sure it’s time? Do we have enough money to retire on? What do we want to do when we are not working? Are we going to need part-time work?

 The questions that come up can be surprising. When did we start thinking about retirement? Time keeps moving forward and we can’t stop it even if we wanted to.

 I would love to take time and travel and we should talk about moving. Do we even want to move? If we move what about our house and all we have acquired during the last 40 years? 

 We have friends and people we have become close to? What are our personal friendships going to look like? How will it feel to start all over again?  Where are our grandkids and do, we want to be closer to them so that we do not miss seeing them growing?  We want to participate in their sports and school events.

 What about being there for birthdays? For the holidays and family get together?  It’s important to pass our values on to them and help them with decisions they need to make.  Being near family is so important.  

 Is retirement really a new adventure? What is that going to look like?  A life like a Roman Rockwell painting or like one from Jackson Pollock?

 There’s one thing that’s missing, though.  We are vulnerable.  We are vulnerable to life’s uncertainties. What do we need to do to protect ourselves from life’s uncertainties? Do we use moat-like ancient times around our castles or do we make sure we understand that uncertainties are part of life and we need to be prepared?  Do we do our best to know how to deal with uncertainties in our lives when they come up?


Our retirement concerns and fears can be running out of money, increasing Tax Burden, Cost of our Health care, Retirement Inflation, The Deficit, and U.S. Debt.

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