Women and Success - How to Define the Benchmarks of Your Life

Women and Success - How to Define the Benchmarks of Your Life

December 18, 2021

As a woman, how do you define success? Is it through your career, through your marriage, through your children? Or is it rebuilding your life after losing a spouse or going through a divorce? What are the benchmarks that communicate to you a new level of achievement? 

We often struggle with the numerous roles placed on us by society and through our own perspective of cultural tradition. Keep in mind, not everyone wants to view a successful life through the lens of a white picket fence and sending the kiddos to school every morning with a kiss on their cheeks and handmade lunches in their perfectly maintained backpacks. 

Many women have dreams and ambitions beyond being a stay at home mom. They seek excitement in their careers, financial stability that fosters independence, and personal journeys requiring deep soul searching. All of which require resources and careful planning. 

More than Money 

The one factor that does tend to differ between men and women is the pursuit of financial gain. In general, men define success by their income levels, whereas women place far more emphasis on the quality of their lives, communities, and relationships. 

Don’t think for a second that means women cannot be CEOs and startup geniuses because you can! Instead, think of this difference as a means to an end. Women tend to see money as a tool to provide a more rewarding and comfortable life with the ability to explore new ideas and experiences. 

You need only do a quick Google search to reach hundreds and thousands of legal briefs surrounding pay divergence and benefits for female workers. The point is, when a woman wants to earn a living, nothing will stand in her way. 

The New Freedom 

Success is too often viewed in relation to those friends, mentors, and family members that seem too well put together. They are those unique individuals that look like they belong in a Hallmark Christmas special more than real life because every inch of their home, appearance, and social standing appears perfectly cultivated like a Norman Rockwell painting. 

The reality is usually far less glamorous. Once you spend a day in the life of anyone who seems to “have it all,” you quickly see the cracks around the façade that speak to family drama, high anxiety, and common fears we all share. 

Changing Perspective 

There is no way I can convince you how you should define success, but I do think there is a word you should always include in your own views - freedom. Does your definition of success, whether that is family, money, travel, independence, relationships, or anything else, include the concept of freedom? 

I bring this up because it is crucial that a strong woman not be shackled by the demands or restrictions of a challenging life. The world needs more women capable and ready to stand up for their own personal goals and achievements. We need the Grandma who has sacrificed to raise beautiful children and doesn’t take any guff from anyone just as much as the young social media influencer who happens to also be a brilliant mathematician.

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We need women to experience the freedom to be whatever or whoever they want. Women and success doesn’t have to be a quantifiable negotiation of gender roles. It can be as simple as the ability to take a day off and not sacrifice your next paycheck. 

Building a Pathway Forward 

I’m not going to try and oversell this point. From generation to generation, women all over the world inherently understand that freedom comes with stability, and that starts with having the resources needed to move forward. 

No matter what stage you are at in your life, having a professional financial advisor to offer support and guidance as you navigate your own definition of success is a significant benefit. Reach out today and speak with the expert team at Meyers Financial Services. We are a group dedicated to providing you with sound advice and options to secure your financial stability so you can go out into the world and explore your own freedom to find personal success.