Women Trailblazers: 6 Ways to Be an Independent Woman

Women Trailblazers: 6 Ways to Be an Independent Woman

April 29, 2022

Women Trailblazers: 6 Ways to Be an Independent Woman: When I chose the topic of women’s independence for this article, I was amazed during my research that there is extraordinarily little about women seeking independence. There are more articles involving dating an independent woman or how to survive without a partner in your life, rather than becoming a trailblazer, independent woman. I’m not trying to downplay the importance of friends, family, and partners in our lives, but you would think there would be more tips about strength and finding your way in the world than about women and their relationships. 

True independence often comes from security, and as a financial advisor for women, I find this is especial true for women.. It is the confidence that your mind can handle challenging decisions, find answers where others will not look, and the resources to ensure you do not have to rely on other people for your next meal. I have met so many women in their later years that choose a life of independence and are somehow looked down upon because they did not pump out baby after baby with a husband waiting at home. That is nonsense. 

Independence is following your own dreams with the full force of your strength, wisdom, charm, and grit. If you want a life with a family and the white picket fence, then have it. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, get to work. If you want to be an artist traveling the globe for inspiration, pack your bags. If you want to be a millionaire by your own arduous work or via Wealth Events or Instant Wealth, think about how to do that. Be whatever you wish to be, but keep in mind some key points to ensure your fortitude holds up when people treat you differently. 

1 - Set Clear Goals That Work for Women

Have a clear path you wish to follow. Determine what you wish to achieve, and then focus your attention on the tools, methods, and resources you will need to reach success. Give yourself deadlines and feed your motivation every step of the way. We offer Financial Coaching for women who need help in this regard

2 - Be a Healthy Woman´╗┐

Independence is also self-reliance. That is a challenging thing if you are managing challenging health situations that could be preventable with diet and exercise. Of course, we cannot predict the unfortunate circumstances of our health, but we can do our best to fight off issues that may slow us down. Even a 20-minute walk every day and sticking to moderation as an eating philosophy will do wonders for your health. 

3 - No One Dictates Your Life

With your independence comes the total weight of decision-making. No one should be dictating what you can and cannot do. This is probably why so many articles are written about dating an independent woman because many men are terrified of not being in charge. A true partner, man, or woman, will happily join you in your journey, making compromises where necessary for your happiness. If they cannot do that, they may not be the best choice. 

4 - Be a Woman Who Never Stops Learning

There are two things famous author and interviewer Tim Ferriss always sees in the droves of successful people he meets. The first is meditation for at least 10 minutes a day. The second is reading. Successful and independent thinkers crave knowledge. They set aside 10-20 minutes every day and read. I want to add a third, learning from mistakes. Seeking new knowledge is admirable, and a formula for success, but independence requires taking a close personal look in the rearview mirror, so you do not make the same mistakes repeatedly. 

5 - Support Yourself and Women Around You

A strong independent woman is a force of nature. You have the power to mold new minds with your iron will, and that is something that should be treated with respect. Have Wealth Management Goals for yourself! Always try to support those around you who are willing to accept your help. You never know when you may need a shoulder every now and then in return. 

6 - Seek Financial Freedom

The hard fact many of us do not want to face is money matters. Yes, you can certainly live your life off the grid, growing your own food and being completely happy, but not all of us are capable of such a lifestyle. Personally, I like to treat myself to a massage every once in a while, or out to my favorite restaurants with my friends, which takes financial resources. Whether you have a job, business, or have created revenue streams from your many other talents, having a solid financial foundation, especially a Retirement Income Plan helps build a stable independent life. 

Seeking Financial Guidance

This is where my team at Meyers Financial Services can help. We support independent women just like you by offering tailored financial services to fit your needs. My expert team will walk you through everything from building a budget to investing in long-term goals aligned with your desired outcomes. Give us a call today to schedule a sit-down and let us help you become the strong independent woman you were always meant to be. 

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