How to Prepare for Retirement: Who’s involved - what happens - where to get help - retirement issues

How to Prepare for Retirement: Who’s involved - what happens - where to get help - retirement issues

July 08, 2019

Thank you for visiting my final blog post about Retirement! As you may have noticed, I have written four blog posts about retirement to help you think through one of the most important decisions in your life’s journey.

 A dream without a goal is just a wish 

Working with pre-retirees over many years on how to plan ahead for retirement, I realized that most people do not plan this important step in their lives. Most people plan their vacations or parties or events, but they do not plan their retirement. What I want for you is to have a goal for when you will put your plan in place. This blog post series will help you consider many of the important elements and thought processes that go into preparing for retirement. 

How to prepare for retirement - blog post #1: 

Summarizing the Joy of Retirement Process© we know we need to include the entire family in the process and for them to be on the same page in order to support our decision to retire.  This may not appeal to the people who love you and want to continue the lifestyle they know. Fear may come into play as change can be scary, and we may need the courage to voice our opinions.

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How to prepare for retirement- blog post #2: 

We looked at what happens to set our retirement in motion and the fact that we want to move in a different direction with our life.  We may feel like we are running out of time or we may need to move forward to a new adventure. Travel to our dream place and country, follow our ancestry, explore and have fun. Sell property and business, start a different business or buy a new property.  Have more time for life. 

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 How to prepare for retirement- blog post #3: 

Certified Financial Planners® are the professionals you may want to consider working within your planning. CFP®’s help you make good decisions that fit your lifestyle. They are specially trained in five distinct components of Financial Planning which are Investments, Risk Management, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning. A CFP® will look at retirement issues and help uncover opportunities that are available to you that you may not have considered. A CFP® works with you as a Fiduciary, providing you with a comprehensive evaluation of your situation and solutions.  

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  How to prepare for retirement- blog post #4: 

Many issues come into play when the rubber meets the road in your retirement planning. We look at expenses, hobbies and travel, sources of retirement income, and other spending considerations. We look at taxes and long-term care. After this point, that’s when the fun can begin.

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With so much at stake when preparing for retirement, it’s important to consider all the issues. Who are the people involved in this decision? How can you make your needs heard? What are the triggers that cause us to consider retiring? Who do we need on our side to help us consider all the options? This blog post series can help you answer all these questions! 

If you’re not sure how to proceed, please contact us for a 30-minute consultation!